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Shariar Porosh
05-04-2020, 10:59 AM
Lester’s Capital (https://www.lesterscapital.com/)

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Forex Crypto Money www.lesterscapital.com (https://www.lesterscapital.com/)

True Market Order Theory In Action - Learn the easy way to trade currency and start building your wealth. Forex and Crypto trading made simple. Invest in your future.

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Learn True Market Order Theory (https://www.lesterscapital.com/)

This is the real deal.
Pricing is temporary and increases every purchase.
Long term, Short term, and Scalping.

Generate currency like the market was designed.
Control your own Capital and build your wealth like the banks.
Learn how currency is designed to be used, not some gimmicky strategy.
Defeat all trading barriers with proper trading technique

Lester’s Capital True Market Order Theory
Real Market Mechanics.

Learn the real way to trade and hold FOREX and CRYPTO.

I will show you exactly why people are losing and how to read without a doubt the best location for your trade. We will discuss AND YOU WILL learn exactly what you wanted to know why you lose no matter what strategy you choose in the market.

Every strategy will lose eventually unless you have this epiphany. Quickly absorb what has taken more than a decade worth of chart hours to figure out. You will know exactly when to trade and why with no questions.

No Headaches No Stress.

Forex and Crypto training with YOU in mind.
Build YOUR wealth. Build YOUR future.

We already know how to do this, do you?
Join our family here at Lester’s Capital.

Purchase your sessions individually, or in one package.

If you purchase your sessions individually, we will grow your skills in the MT4 platform while growing market knowledge through 23-24 hours of sessions. In the last session or after 24 hours have been used we share the exact daily trading plan for you to use.

If you purchase the True Market Order Theory package upfront you will receive a coupon code for 25 hours of sessions usable at any time. The benefit in the package is the first session we share the exact trading plan - the rest of the 23-24 hours we will grow your skills in the MT4 platform while growing market knowledge. This gives you the most time with the exact trading plan to get as many of your questions answered as possible.

Time is needed on the charts, either way, these options help accommodate your financial situations as well as experience levels.

What you receive in the full package paid upfront: This is the Best Deal For Quickest Results
Up to 25 hours of 1 on 1 Training
The “secret sauce” is given immediately in the first-hour training
Ability to book your personalized schedule in advanced - see next section
Relentless continued support through your journey
Free Lester’s Capital TMOT trading template
Free Lester’s Capital TMOT psychological template - We will also review the template to show you what we see with it.

How to book sessions:
Once you have paid, we will send you a coupon code for $2500 worth of discounts on the booking page.
You can book the sessions as fast or as slow as you want using the discount code.
This makes it easier to give you quality training for your specific level.
It also allows you to adjust to life’s complications. Let’s face it, nothing is perfect.

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Why Lester’s Capital (https://www.lesterscapital.com/)

Am I ever going to get this!?

If you have spent any time trying to learn how to trade from the internet, you have asked this question to yourself. You know the hurdles one must jump through to navigate the murky waters of online forex education.

When I set out on the journey of becoming a profitable trader, there were very little videos of quality content. Now there is a huge selection with some good content but who do you trust?

We have personally paid for many mentorship programs. Some were not worth the time as it was the regurgitated "I have no idea how to trade so I say things I have heard others say to make it sound like I know how to trade" nonsense. Others were very good but never-the-less they were always trying to extend the time it took for me to understand. Every mentor I encountered was simply selling the idea or ideas that will lead to market understanding.

Not one Forex mentor actually shared the full scope of their day today. This became frustrating as I was willing to learn, pay, and put in the work to bring something different to my family.

As time went on, I was blessed to be mentored by 2 very special people in my life. And without their guidance, I would still be in that mindset of thinking I was gonna be a millionaire on my next trade. Immature and naive to what lies ahead in the market.

Looking back, It was absolutely imperative that I had their guidance, but, does it have to be this difficult and drawn out?

This reason is why I started Lester's Capital. To bridge the gap between what I wanted and what I went through. To be able to provide an avenue to wealth building I only dreamed someone had available for myself.