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07-18-2011, 05:16 PM
Gains for Treasuries Tempered by Earlier Slide in Yields

Finally we were able to enter a short position in USD/CAD as the pair rebounded to as high as 0.9780, we recommended to sell at 0.9740, the greenback ran into heavy offers there as expected and tumbled, we then exited the position at 0.9585 before hitting our target at 0.9570 and price eventually dropped to as low as 0.9520 on Friday.
Unfortunately, our two long positions entered in aussie gave back most of the profit generated from USD/CAD, we bought for the first time at 1.0705, the pair retreated after failing to penetrate previous resistance at 1.0790 and the position was stopped at 1.0645. The Australian dollar then dropped to as low as 1.0525 before finding good demand there and eventually broke above said resistance to as high as 1.0807, we then bought the pair for the second time at 1.0650, however, aussie slipped again on risk aversion and cross-selling against kiwi and dropped again on Friday and today to as low as 1.0560.
No position was entered in the other two currency pairs.

In short, 3 positions were squared among the 4 currency pairs last week with a total profit of 35 points and the positions entered are listed below.
11 Jul: AUD/USD - Long at 1.0705, exited at 1.0645 (- 60 points)
13 Jul: USD/CAD - Short at 0.9740, exited at 0.9585 (+155 points)
15 Jul: AUD/USD - Long at 1.0650, exited at 1.0590 (- 60 points)

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