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Golden Sark
08-05-2019, 06:36 PM
In Fx trading security is a major issue when choosing a broker. We the traders have to choose the broker which guarantee their clients funds. Thatís why from my first day of trading I have been using LQDFX which at all times make sure security of funds at any kinds of investments with a wide range of trading technologies. And they donít restrict any kinds of trading techniques with scalping and hedging. So, my trading life is very much comfortable.

Salman Kashfy
08-07-2019, 07:11 PM
Security is one of the key parts for success in Forex, if you are a beginner, it should be the first and highest of priority for you to get it right. I have no concerns regarding my security having a quality broker like FreshForex to work with. The biggest benefit for me is their 101% Tradable deposit bonus, which really gives me the much needed comfort.