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Golden Sark
05-08-2019, 07:20 PM
I have been using LQDFX from my first day of trading which for all time make sure security of funds at any kinds of investments with a wide range of trading technologies. They always ensures lowest trading spreads thatís really supportive to use any trading techniques in a proper way especially the scalping that brings profit in a short time. Basically in spite of good trading knowledge thatís not possible at all to lead a comfortable trading life with certainly without lowest trading spreads , because the trading spreads can affects the result of our trading with certainly.

Salman Kashfy
06-09-2019, 09:22 PM
I donít prefer working with broker like these since I feel itís just not comfortable enough. If we are getting freebies, I am fine but with my own hard earned money, I will not risk it with a broker thatís fairly new and is not even properly regulated.