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Golden Sark
03-11-2019, 07:41 PM
The scalpers always feel uncomfortable when using this trading approach practically. Because mostly trading brokers donít allow trading concept such as this. by the way now I am greatly comfortable with LQDFX which at all times ensures lowest trading spreads from 0 pips which is very supportive to make profit with certainly by scalping that brings profit in a short time. so, my trading life is very much profitable.

Ashley Mallett
01-08-2021, 10:25 AM
Risk is a common issue in forex market. There is no trader who can trade without any risk. We can not remove risks but we can minimize the risk by studying more and more about forex market. We can also select a good broker to get the guideline of minimizing the risks. I always trade with TP Global FX, a regulated broker. They help me to minimize the risk and help to make profit. They are like a complete guideline for me in this risky market.

Liam Lawson
01-09-2021, 06:45 PM
Forex is a difficult Money making business. You have to acquire specific knowledge and skills. Without skills you will lose money continuously. And for skills you have to spend time. If you think forex is easy, don't come to here. You will lose your hard earned money. If you can give time and efforts to learn, you can give a try. Remember fir trading you need a very good broker. For this I use Forex4you, a fully licensed and regulated broker with customer oriented facilities.