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Robert Edwards
05-29-2018, 07:36 PM
Most people running their own business are almost stuck into certain limits and there seems to be almost no way out from it! But now there will be the way out of it. The way which will unlock the actual potential of your business whether it’s big or small or even if you are an independent contractor, the solution we have is tailored made for you!

Inviting you to be part of the future of the business, come and be part of Aclaró:

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Aclaró is a platform created to manage your data through the implementation of the Blockchain technology; it is going to solve data storage problems for average users. With Aclaró’s data analytics platform, it will allow smaller businesses and independent merchants to take advantage of many of the same data-driven approaches to sales and marketing as multinational retailing giants! You also get to discover the latest trends, forecasting for the demands, giving you the edge over the competitor and much more, it is the way to increase your business revenue!

Aclaró offers various features (product) that are meant to take your business notches higher and gives you the required support.


The list of features includes Business Analytics Recommendations: it will help with additional analytics through big data generated by the Aclaró Pool. It allows business owners to stay ahead of the race.

There is Open API Platform available for the third-party software developers to develop applications using data from the Aclaró Database. With such data, it helps to build ANY app to help your business grow further and allows the decision making easier. Next on the list of great tools is POS Integrations, it helps you connect with your favourite payments channels through a robust API system, which is easy and simple!


And the best part is Aclaró Heatmap, which is a visual tool that demonstrates all transactions taking place within your business. From analyzing which department generated money, to how much was allocated to salaries and marketing for all employees or products! It also indicates the financial value of each department. There is also Mobile App available, which allows all the transactions together with the Aclaró transaction wallet, it gives instant access to all the transactions and receipts with just a click.

Although, Aclaró is tailored made for whole the business industry, but Automotive is amongst the hottest sector right now. With such high demand, Aclaró has made sure to have its main focus on Automotive industry. In Car dealership industry there are captive to legacy software that is “canned” and provides minimal tooling and no relational data constructs. It makes dealers restricted in the files and fields that are available for export. There is a pub-sub model created, which allows for either DMS or dealer single-file reporting to be consumed and mashed up as a true relational database.


Furthermore, the structure binds datasets by unique foreign keys that NEVER duplicate. Vehicle identification numbers bind all costing transactions such as PDI’s (Pre-Delivery Inspection), Reconditioning, Sublet, Accessorizing, we-owes, etc. As we encrypt data at reset and in-flight, the buyer and optional co-buyer are identified specifically by social security number.

At the time, Aclaró got astonishing business intelligence (BI) tool, which can create custom reports and insightful dashboards showing the trends in real time. To show how dealerships can benefit from the power of the data. Aclaró is also prototyping machine learning algorithms that can send alerts and messages to identify calls to action for every step of a retail delivery, as many as 72 different steps!


So, now is your opportunity to make the right choice and have the data you need, without having to pay the BIG BUCKS for it!

Register today to take your business to heights it deserves to be at!

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