View Full Version : importance of trading strategy

Golden Sark
03-15-2017, 12:33 PM
There is nobody who can predict the real faction of this market with certainly, so for making profit making profit with consistency we the traders have to depend on our trading strategies that we select according to our trading experience. I always like to use all kinds of trading strategies for increasing my trading experience. thatís why now I am with LQDFX which for all time permits at any kinds of trading strategies including lowest trading spreads as well as minimum margin requirements. So, my trading life is very much comfortable.

Women Spin
03-24-2017, 05:40 AM
Agree, none can predict market without any analysis and knowledge but a strategy is an important part of trading. Without strategy how we can think about any work in Forex because without it what we are going to do with our knowledge and implement it with a trade.