View Full Version : How many pair in your broker ?

Abu Boccor
11-24-2016, 10:14 AM
I have been using MXTrade regulated trading broker from my first day of trading and they have 50 up major currency pair with spot metal and CFDs. That’s why, my trading performance is growing very rapidly.

Annette Ashley
11-26-2016, 03:26 PM
There are over 70 instruments available with my broker. I don’t think how many pairs is anything to judge with how good the broker is, so it doesn’t make much sense to me at all! I trade with OctaFX broker where I get these many pair, but that’s absolutely irrelevant since the greatest strength of them is their service and quality of it and that’s what makes all the difference. I love their 50% bonus on deposit scheme, it’s just stunning!

02-05-2017, 06:20 AM
In forex market it is possible to sell EUR-USD even before you buy it. You sell EUR-USD high and buy it low. You sell it low and buy it lower. When you buy a currency pair, you take a “long” position and when you sell a currency pair, you take a “short” position. Long and short are just the terms we use in forex and stock market and they have nothing to do with the length of anything. ECNCAPITAL.COM provides the favorable currency pair service to their traders.