View Full Version : scalping brokerage

Abu Boccor
10-20-2016, 08:31 AM
In Fx trading, from all trading approach scalping is mainly considered as a most demanding and profitable trading system that brings profit in a short time. as a scalper, for using scalping strategy I have been using MXTrade broker which is regulated and always ensures best trading environment for scalping by providing lowest trading spreads.

Annette Ashley
10-21-2016, 06:33 PM
Scalping is a big deal especially for newbies because the risk is so much that if we get it wrong even slightly then we could have difficult time maintaining things. This is why I always prefer to keep everything simple and straight forward; it’s so much easy with broker like OctaFX which is ever supporting us whether it’s through low spreads or if it’s to do with the heavy rebate program where we get 50% back on all trades, so all very special.