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05-10-2016, 02:05 AM
A Private Tutorial with Bill Williams

Profitunity Tradying Group?s 12-week home study trading course includes all the materials shown here.

Product: 12-week homestudy trading course

Price: private tutorial, $2,420.

Profitunity Trading Group

Beginners Computorial

During the Private Tutorial You Will:

Learn not only how TO trade WELL but most important ? how YOU trade WELL

Learn the cutting edge of market research.

Learn the Fractal of the Elliott wave.

Plan your Future Trading Strategies

Receive Psychological Facilitation

Understand the mechanics of the Alligator

Learn how to implement the Wiseman Indicators in today?s markets.

Williams offers a unique and complete package for the trader. The combination of technical and psychological methods provides a firm footing from which to start trading. You?ll have a trading plan that covers all the markets, spread trading and options. Further, the ongoing fax support is a key feature.

The techniques, though, are not meant to be mechanical. While you will come away with a set of rules, they are meant to be the groundwork for your personal developmeant as a trader. You want to reach a point where your understanding of the tools and the market reaches a level at which you know when to follow the rules and when to ignore them. In addition, there are times when a market is simply trading sideways and you will suffer drawdowns.

A mature trader knows all this, accepts all this and deals with it. This is key to Williams? work. He wants you to develop a perspective toward trading where winning is the path of least resistance and losses are simply a part ot it. Losses aren?t fun, but they aren?t the end of the world, either. By keeping the proper perspective and using