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FxGrow Support
01-27-2016, 11:10 AM
ENROLL IN FXGROW CASH REBATE PROGRAM (http://www.fxgrow.com/promotions/trade-back)


Get up to $6 cash rebate per each traded lot!

The new TradeBack promotion by FxGrow is one of the most generous CASH REBATE programs now available. This CASH rebate program gives traders the opportunity to earn up to $6 on every lot traded!

With no upper limits it?s up to you how much you earn with the TradeBack (http://fxgrow.com/promos/trade-back.php) promotion. You can earn a cash rebate on every lot traded regardless of whether it achieved a market gain or loss.

All rebates will be credited to FxGrow trading accounts on a monthly basis from where they can be withdrawn in full at any time.

To read more and apply for the promotion please visit the TradeBack promotion page (http://fxgrow.com/promos/trade-back.php).

*Terms and commissions apply (http://fxgrow.com/promos/TERMS-AND-CONDITIONS-TRADEBACK.pdf)

02-21-2016, 12:28 PM
$6 is not too much to be honest. FreshForex gives $10 per lot even for losing trades, so you can save much more than using $6 bonus.