View Full Version : QB-PatternSeeker - a candlestick pattern discovery and alert tool for MT5

10-29-2013, 11:33 PM
Hello everybody,

This is our third product here at MT5Toolbox.com .
This time we're coming to the help of candlestick pattern traders
with our product, which recognizes and monitors more than 70
candlestick patterns (http://promo.mt5toolbox.com/patternseeker), where the user specifies which are the
patterns of interest, how they are detected an how newly
appeared patterns are being reported.

It alerts you as soon as it recognizes a pattern. You can be away
from your computer and still alerts you on your mobile device!


Check our product here! (http://promo.mt5toolbox.com/patternseeker/)

We appreciate your feedback! Contact us if you have any idea on how to improve our products!