View Full Version : MQL4 to MQL5 code convertor (convert indicators, scripts, experts)

01-17-2013, 10:00 AM
The idea behind MQL4Convertor has been born once we acknowledged there is a larger and larger numbers passing from MetaTrader4 to MetaTrader5
MQL4Converter is a web service intended to help traders port their code (indicators, scripts, experts) from mql4 to mql5.
This web service is not fully automated because of the differences between the two programming languages.
We devlop this service for everyone interested. Now its in beta, but along with our programmers and as a result of your suggestions well permanently upgrade this convertor.
Please for any problem post and we will answer as sun as possible
Here you have the LINK (http://www.mql4converter.com/) to the convertor