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07-26-2012, 03:16 AM
Signature Rules

Rules :

Font size Maxmimum 2

No more than 3 links and 4 lines including spaces

Signature must be in English language

You can use different colors, fonts, Bold, italic fonts and smiles to make signature attractive

BB Code not allowed to use

Image is not allowed in signature

Don't promote any similar site like Earning Palace though signature

Banners have their place, but NOT in signatures - with the exception of smiles. If the use of smiles takes up more space than the permitted space for 4 lines then your signature will be amended/deleted. It`s up to members to use discretion if using any smiles so they don't cause any height problems.

IMPORTANT NOTICE:- If any member is found to have a signature that doesn't conform to these guidelines then moderators will delete/ or amend your signature at their discretion. If the signature is deleted then in it's place the message will appear- 'FOLLOW SIGNATURE RULES'