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04-26-2011, 01:35 AM
ThinkMarkets Rebates

Standard : 4.3 USD per round turn lot
PRO : 2.58 USD per round turn lot
VIP: 1.72 USD per round turn lot

Rebate Option: Monthly.

To Open A New Account And Receive Pip Rebate

[*=left]The first you need Signup (https://www.piprebate.com/en/signup) for a free account at piprebate.com site.
[*=left]After free Sign Up you must login (https://www.piprebate.com/en/login) in your account.
[*=left]Use the link(s) below to open a new account.
[*=left]In your control panel in "Brokerage Account" section complete all fields.
[*=left]Choose your payment method so we know where to send your Cash Rebate.
[*=left]All steps must be completed to receive Cash Rebate.


How PipRebate Works (https://www.piprebate.com/en/how-it-works)