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11-02-2011, 10:52 PM
Dearest colleagues, valuation traders, investors, and militants of the Forex world: I am thrilled and glad to introduce you the "ProTP (http://forex-trading-software.sitonline.it/), PROFESSIONAL TRADE PINCHER (http://forex-trading-software.sitonline.it/)" @, an Expert Advisor I created myself, since today available for promotional selling.

I attach the back tests from 2006 till today, on the two currencies EURUSD and GBPUSD.







Let's now talk about the product. ProTP (http://forex-trading-software.sitonline.it/) v1 is an EA studied for the Forex market. It operates on the time frame 15 min on the couple EURUSD and GDPUSD.

It is a Trend Follower, so it operates in trend, managing positions on the basis of the market evolution. The system inserts as strict as possible StopLosses, on average about 50 PIPS, never more than 70.

ProTP v1 SUBSTANTIALLY differs from the great majority of the traded EAs. First of all, it is an EA created by a Trader for Traders. Every Trader with a certain experience knows very well what a winning trading needs:

1_ Strong protection of the available capital (Use stop and money management)
2- Follow the trend (enhancing the probabilities of success of the operations)
3_ Cut losses and let profits run (again inserted stoplosses and exits calibrated on the base of the info about the market, with a tendency to let profits run but closing quickly when there are signals of inversion).
ProTP follows all these specifics.


It is then not the usual EA based on the statistic probabilities of earning a close target of few PIP against a very far Stop of 600 PIP (this is the way the famous pseudo scalpers work), or systems based on mathematical algorithms like grills and martingale.. (I wonder how many bank accounts got emptied).
It is instead a system based on Technical Analysis, no more, no less.

Another peculiarity is that ProTP (http://forex-trading-software.sitonline.it/) has very few eXternal parameters.

The Volume of the trading contract (if you choose the Fixed Volume), or the applicable Leverage are left to the Traderís choice; in this case the platform will size the operations automatically.
I strongly suggest to choose this last option, taking advantage of the precision of the money management that only a machine can offer. I recommend to use low leverages (max 10 for the total of the EAs that you're using). Backtests are made with a leverage 10, which is already quite aggressive, but with a relatively restrained draw down. You can choose to use a BreakEaven Stop or not.

I chose to insert not many external parameters, and this is a guarantee of the reliability of the system. We all know that most of the commercial EAs have uncountable parameters, but putting 30 different external parameters would put you in such a confused condition.
Then, commercially speaking, if you start to lose money I could always blame you for your wrong regulations.

You will see that the profit charts are not particularly linear: the results of the EA simply reflect what could be the profitability of a discretional trading based on Technical Analysis. There's conspicuous profit in the medium-term relatively to the traded time-frame. There will be some months of work with flat results or small losses, but at the end of the year you could have a 200-300% gain: this is real trading.

The advantages of an automatic system are the constance, the precision, and the total absence of emotions: in a market often regulated by emotions, the way to win is to be emotionless.

The promotional price for the system is 290Ä a year. This is a limited offer, and it's one third of the full price of the System.

There will be new versions of the EA in the future, and everyone who buys it now will receive all the updatings for free.

(The brands "ProTradingSoftware" and "ProTrendPincher (http://forex-trading-software.sitonline.it/)" are Copyright@ protected. The algorithms are also protected by Copyright@ and certificated)

I'm willing to have your requests and questions. You can always contact me via e-mail at:

or Skype: ProTradingSoftware

ProTrendPincher (http://forex-trading-software.sitonline.it/)

Best regards,