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  1. [ANN] Gold Bits Coin A Gold Backed Crypto Currency
  2. [ANN] [ICO] XefoCoin Next Evolution in Digital Currency!
  3. Ardent United - Esport and Blockchain's combination!
  4. [ANN][ICO] Deskchain - A classified platform for buyers and sellers!
  5. Coinbed The NEW Heaven for ICO Owners!
  6. U-VID'IFY - The World's FIRST Video Based Classified Market! (Bounty Available)
  7. Tavitt The ultimate travel guide!
  8. Blockweather – The smartest choice for investors!
  9. [ANN][ICO] eCharge.work - the FIRST alternative system for recharging of electric car
  10. [ANN][ICO] SuchApp – the FIRST 5G Blockchain Enabled Messaging App!
  11. [ANN][ICO] Netterium - The world's FIRST Influencer Marketing Platform!
  12. [ANN][ICO]🔥🔥Crest Token🔥🔥 - DigiAd Platform that pays Daily Passive Income
  13. [ANN][ICO] Mobile Mining ⚡⚡⚡ Mining Cryptocurrencies through unused energy ⚡⚡⚡
  14. Cyronium – The RARE Gold Backed Crypto!
  15. [ANN](ICO) – Mediex – Hacking Evolution
  16. [ANN](NO ICO) Lonero - The Future of Digital Cash
  17. Worldcore.trade
  18. iLink2Music Connecting the Music Industry under one roof!
  19. [ANN][ICO] 🔥🔥🔥 LiquidTrade 🔥🔥🔥 Tokenized global crowdfunding ecosystem!
  20. DNAtix The Future Of Genetics Is Here
  21. [ANN][ICO] Bitcoin Mega - The Solution for Cryptocurrencies ICO startup business
  22. [ANN][ICO] 🔥🔥🔥 Knoks 🔥🔥🔥 A Dedicated Platform For Crypto Signals
  23. [bounty] 💰💰 $500,000 💰💰 own a hard asset gold backed currency - v.e.i.a.g
  24. [ann] private sale (active now) - veiag - gold backed - united nations supported
  25. [ANN][ICO] Poins Platform ⭐⭐⭐ Three Platform One Coin! ⭐⭐⭐
  26. [BOUNTY] Poins Platform ⭐⭐⭐ Three Platform One Coin! ⭐⭐⭐ 1.5 million Coins!
  27. [ANN][ICO] SmartContractChain - Smarter, faster crowdfunding - without the risk
  28. Project SONO is a cryptocurrency startup that has chosen to create its own coin to su
  29. [ANN][ICO] SMIGG Coin - World's FIRST Innovative Blockchain Based Search Engine
  30. [ANN][ICO] DMars - Mobile Banking Network 🔥 A novel network design & protocol
  31. [ANN][ICO] ChelleCoin - The Real Estate Platform
  32. [BOUNTY][ICO] Chelle Coin 🔥🔥🔥 240k Token Reward 🔥🔥🔥 $720k Worth!
  33. New Offer In Online Dating Space Just Went Live Where You Get Free 500 Tokens
  34. New token (PAU) - Big profits! Revolutionary Money Making Platform
  35. Decentrax™ token sale
  36. DecentraX the Future of Blockchains
  37. [ANN][ICO] 💰💰💰 BUYYOM 💰💰💰 The Crypto Trading Exchange!
  38. [AIRDROP] ✅✅✅ BUYYOM ✅✅✅ 50,000,000 BOM Tokens - Upto $10 for everyone!
  39. Don’t miss your chance to earn free tokens! (up to 200 xrx)
  40. Navigate to the in-flight revolution
  41. Bill Crypto recover the freedom and privacy in social networks and communications
  42. Groovy Hooman Token Sale
  43. ✈️✈️ [ANN] sky[nav]pro: Be a part of the in-flight revolution! ✈️✈️
  44. NEW ICO ! Brand new Concept game of greed and give
  45. Sterling Sovereign Token and airdrop zone !
  46. GCT COIN AIRDROP FORM A maximum of 100,000,000 GCT Coin
  47. New Here
  48. 3 step quick and easy process to get $25 worth of Xlm and 100 Zi
  49. [ANN][ICO] BitAlley - Unlocking the power of P2P market using cryptocurrency
  50. Barthor a stable solution for the mass!
  51. The most profitable decentralised real estate ICO Project of all times.
  52. ai-247.com is now implementing a dual token structure, “Utility-Security”:
  53. NRT Token Be Your Own Bank !
  54. Stable Token: The first token that can not get down in value!
  55. RANKINGBALL and RBG Coin
  56. [ANN] [BGX] BitcoinGenX || Zerocoin & Green Protocol || PoS/MN || 5M MAX SUPPLY
  57. 40 million IWAY Token Giveaway for Public Airdrop !
  58. [ANN][ICO][NCR] ☀️ Neos VR: The First Metaverse Built From Within ☀️
  59. $10 Sign Up Bonus, $10 Per Referral, Up to $2000 in token earnings
  60. Herbalist Token (HERB) available on COINMARKET CAP !!
  61. Got Gold? Get SpaceGold streaming contract!
  62. Looking for free token airdrops? Join us and never miss a crypto airdrop again!
  63. SpaceGold - Bringing Physical Gold from Space
  64. Top Reasons To Buy EGW Capital (EGWCAP) Tokens
  65. Bitcoin ETH And GTN, A Simple Case Study Of High Interest
  66. Get free 100 OVT Coin, whatch the great teaser video
  67. YPTOspace - The global ecosystem dedicated to cryptocurrency
  68. Long Awaited Anti-Aging Platform Launches its ICO (Initial Coin Offering)
  69. (TBD) Tokens Buying From The Source and Selling to the End Consumer with Rewards
  70. Receive 1,000 eden token The Airdrop is limited to 1,350 participants
  71. GET FREE 1000 AVX TOKENS! Join AVXChange Airdrop
  72. A blockchain platform that allows users to make payments create and request loan
  73. World‘s most expensive artwork
  74. Quanta Networks ICO phase is now Live
  75. Project B11G ILP: Real Estate Powered by blockchain (3 days left!)
  76. World first ai powered remote team collaboration platform with #blockchain infrastruc
  77. GD Coins worldwide investment opportunities. We accept Bitcoin and ETH payment !
  78. PIMONCOIN The Future of Investments. PIMONCOIN Presale Ongoing Buy Now at $0.05
  79. Cleaner Blast Systems LLC “CleanerBlast” closes friends and family round on ILOCX
  80. Karatbars, a gold-backed cryptocurrency, a new global banking system.
  81. We are Community Driven, Inspired and Designed join Fight BackCoin Token AIRDROP
  82. 0xbitconnect 📌 A Trust Less Platform Built On The Ethereum Protocol 📌
  83. Game income provides airdrop to BPD holder by BET coin.
  84. Crespo, with CSO token is building a digital asset social trading platform
  85. National Academy of Athletics (NAofA) launches an initial License offering (ILO)
  86. BlockQuake’s mission is to be the unified trading platform for digital assets
  87. crowdfund an independent feature film based disappearance of the Malaysia Flight
  88. Get You Paid ~10% A Month Totally Passively To Hodl Your Crypto
  89. At Malaysia Flight 370, buy MH370 TOKEN by using cryptocurrency
  90. Cloud Token Wallet Discover How this next Generation Decentralized Crypto Wallet App
  91. Crypto Gold Shop, Gold Backed Cryptocurrency Set to Explode
  92. Lunar a blockchain solution for sharing renewably produced energy
  93. Join and get $40 on friends you refer and $10 on friends
  94. Fightbackcoin Token is a token created on the Ethereum smart contract
  95. Cloud Token wallet
  96. The Hermione Mimblewimble Project Smart Contracts Powered By Mimblewimble
  97. Plus Token Wallet-Makes Your Cryptocurrency More Profitable and Safe!
  98. CloudToken wallet earning approximately 2000+-3,000+usd daily. 7 days per week! PASSI
  99. GRAYLL [IEO] Simple Automated Investment App Driven by AI & ML
  100. TheCryptoTech: Get your Free TCT Token up to 2500 TCT from our AirDrop
  101. Decentralized Crypto Wallet App Can Pay You Much More than 10% Per Month
  102. Orionix -Comission Free Games And Items Exchange TOKEN SALE IN 13 DAYS
  103. [ANN][ICO] 🚀🚀🚀Habitus.global 🚀🚀🚀 Changing lives brick by brick
  104. The Universal Crypto Investment Fund is a cryptocurrency decentralized (DAPP)
  105. CBUY is a revolutionary blockchain-based e-commerce platform
  106. [ICO] [GIRL Coin] Most Promising ICO [LIVE] - Developed by Women´s Money Network
  107. ESFaucet is a Multi-crypto faucet in which you decide how often to claim
  108. Radiologex is a next-gen medical network
  109. ELLA Airdrop program
  110. These 15 minutes will change your life forever! - Cloud Token Maniacs - Paid to
  111. How OKGlobal Coin Switch is Changing the Face of the Service Industry
  112. SimGroup – Society Incentivized and Mutual Coin
  113. CBUY is a revolutionary blockchain-based e-commerce platform
  114. ThanosX a new privacy utility token built on the etherium network
  115. TokenPesa IDO on ForkDelta
  116. Mytvchain.com launches its meo (multiple exchange offering)
  117. Receive 500 Char token for the first 10000 investors after complete registration
  118. Elxis a team specialized in the field of renewable energy resources.
  119. Get rewarded for your everyday internet surfing
  120. [ANN] [ICO] Betcoin Casino - Decentralized Borderless Betting
  121. MesChain | MES Token A solution for manufacturing process via blockchain
  122. MesChain-The brainchild of Genesis Crypto Technology- presents an avenue for business
  123. How about being a boss of a crypto exchange and let the exchange works for you?
  124. Synchrobit bot reward on atomars
  125. Easily earn $14 of VREX tokens
  126. A P2P cryptocoin with lightning fast transactions and low transaction fees
  127. Exclusive GRAM token offering through exmarkets launchpad
  128. BitStock Power: Free 9000 KW/H Bonus ! Sign up now and start making money
  129. CoinTiger Will List Meschain(MES) at 16:00(UTC+8) on 16 Oct, Take part for 21,000,000
  130. What is FXBK Token And How Does It Work?
  131. Receive free 30 XERA tokens ($15) with XERA Airdrop
  132. Convert your Cyptocurrency to real GOLD without paying any additional fees
  133. [ANN] [⭐️LightCoinEX⭐️] -New exchange Airdrop💥
  134. [ANN] MesChain | MES Token
  135. Welcome to RideNode! – The First American Transportation Blockchain
  136. CSDEX airdrop: Earn CSDEX Asset Token free by just a few simple steps
  137. RideNodes™ - The First American Ride and Transportation Blockchain
  138. "The Money Project" by OkGlobal Coin & SWITCH
  139. Earn up to (45 BUY Token) for doing tasks and (5 BUY Token) for each referral
  140. Airdrop: Win up to 25 Free Bither Tokens every two hours.
  141. Ultra Rich Group (RICH) - your store Token for online luxury shopping
  142. Ioox (ioox), First Global Decentralized, Wealth Redistribution Technology
  143. Vote for LIGHT COINEX & Get your REWARDS
  144. [AIRDROP] Receive free ARN tokens withAeron giveaway Airdrop [AIRDROP]
  145. How Diagon (DGN) is Revolutionizing the ESports Industry
  146. Cryptocurrency ratings.ICO listings,due diligence. Copywriting
  147. Must-have new project for 2020, 'Rivermount'. Introducing the RM Token
  148. Must-have new project for 2020, 'Rivermount'. Introducing the RM Token
  149. [ANN] [⭐️LightCoinEX⭐️] -New exchange Airdrop💥
  150. Manufacturing dividend token making a social impact
  151. How to Invest in the Oosten Tokens
  152. 10 Reasons to Invest in Star Pacific Coin
  153. Lead Token IEO and its $75,000 Affiliate Rewards to be Launched on 20th of April
  154. PAZ Foundation of PazCoin, an international organization OMPP / WOFP
  155. Invest like the pros
  156. Launch of Sable Coin SAC1 on Latoken.com 06.15.20
  157. HEIDI tokenises the sustained delivery of trans-generational social impact.
  158. Minereum Staking - Up to 1000% REWARD! Up to 60% Referral Bonus!
  159. United crypto alliance UCACoin The evolution of money
  160. 🔥🔥 [ANN] GenesisOne: The Leader of Blockchain Gaming Platform ✅✅
  161. Family Only Token
  162. Corona virus make poor but rich virus make people rich join the airdrop
  163. Winsshi: World first decentralized gaming platform.
  164. Stimuluscoin Next Generation cryptocurrency to help provide relief during crises
  165. FRC Algorithmic & Blockchain Solutions for Crypto-Trading & Protect investments
  166. Richvirus selfdrop buy #RCHV at almost 50% discounted price with some bonus
  167. The world's first Loyalty and Reward Token
  168. YFScience — A new Universe of DeFi
  169. (FLA) is a series of projects social network digital advertising and blockchain dApp
  170. Thenewboston Digital Currency
  171. A DeFi Smart Contract built on Ethereum Blockchain and focus on the community
  172. Cypherium: Decentralized smart contract platform on-going token sale
  173. Burn2Moon.Finance (BROON)
  174. TRONUSDT Round 1 Presale - 100x WIN for every 1 TUSDT
  175. Yearn Token Finance Airdrop
  176. DeFi Coin – Decentralized Finance Token
  177. Yfia: Revolutionizing liquidity solutions by DeFi
  178. MedicalVeda Defi Pioneers of Leveraging Blockchain and Defi in the Healthcare
  179. Don't miss this $1200 Airdrop!
  180. Invest in high-yield opportunities in an emerging market of digital securities
  181. loyal.finance airdrop Get free 10 $LYL Token ~0.2 ETH
  182. Pgcoin: International real estate platform built on Blockchain
  183. Loyal.finance - Long Term Incentives for Loyal Investors
  184. XFII: First DeFi platform allow private transactions & encrypted messaging
  185. TableToken Crowdsale an ERC777 token advanced standard for fungible tokens
  186. Glox Price Pump
  187. The World First Defi in Healthcare!
  188. Don't miss out on the first Token in the pet industry
  189. Swapsdefi presale
  190. InGame to put 100% of pre-sale into gaming prizes
  191. Farm academy defi Community development project on ethereum blockchain
  192. Filescoin a decentralized storage network designed
  193. Stake Uniswap LP tokens in felony pools to earn your very own NICE!
  194. Welcome to Dripp.Finance
  195. BICO ICO is a fundraising activity for online entertainment platforms
  196. Great opportunity: INVEST your money and take destiny into your own hands
  197. The Launch of MATCH Token
  198. The next generation of ERC-20 index funds.
  199. Vertigo Finance: A DeFi platform Invest on VTG and its products to get rewards
  200. The presale of Keepr3v1 will be lived from 10th December to 31th December 2020
  201. WISE Token - The Smartest Way to Earn Crypto
  202. Start farming your DeFi coins now to make a good profit in few simple steps
  203. CR Coin – Pagos digitales rápidos, seguros y fáciles
  204. Decentralized Finance Europe Farming and Exchange
  205. BBB a deflationary experimental burn-, buyback- and Jackpot-Token
  206. Bridging Betting and DEFI — How to Buy $YFEED
  207. Value DeFi: Bringing True Value to DeFi
  208. White Pigeon: Building a Secure and Scalable platform for Consumers & Merchants
  209. Ideachain (ICH) – Provides Smart and Innovative Solutions
  210. YPro: Get reward for Farming, Swapping and Staking cryptocurrency!
  211. TRAMS: A new DeFi DEX offering a wide variety of digital assets trading
  212. Earn up to $2,000 Monthly By Joining The FarSwap Ambassador Program
  213. YPro.Finance - Farm, Swap, Stake and more! token sale started
  214. Farming and Get more reward with pyschic NFT card in predict market !
  215. WaterDrop An Ultimate Decentralized Token Platform
  216. Moveo - Changing the advertising industry through innovative reward advertising
  217. Neulaut - A supply chain platform built on blockchain technology.
  218. [ANN][IDO] Boopsy: a token that rewards holders of BOOP with more BOOP
  219. Hemp Finance Hemp Finance Cannabis 2.0 Powered by DeFi
  220. Ramp for individual users
  221. Polygon: paving the way for Ethereum scaling
  222. Dogecoin Cash: Combines the benefits of DeFi with the meme power of Dogecoin
  223. The Super Hero yield farming community on the Binance Smart Chain
  224. Doublejack: The World’s First iGaming Fintech ICO
  225. Finance your Projects & Assets the alternative way using the Blockchain
  226. Bitgesell: An another crypto like bitcoin Halvening Transaction burn rate of 90%
  227. $PCY How to participate in the tokensale
  228. Farming and Get more reward with pyschic NFT card in predict market !
  230. Bitcoin E-Currency (BTCE), When Technology Meets Crypto @ btc-e.eu
  231. 🔥🔥 [ANN][AXPR] aXpire: Creating Fintech SaaS For The Modern Age! ✅✅
  232. Go9Tro Wireless Worlds First Cryptocurrency Wireless Service Provider Token
  233. YOLOToken – Just another stupid crypto
  234. Esillium: Your safest social media crypto flexible, secure and easy to use
  235. Roku Network: A Decentralized Music and Community ecosystem built on the #BSC
  236. ADD.XYZ is the former PlutusDefi -- all-in-one DeFi aggregator
  237. Auto protocol for ERC-20 tokens swap with DeFi features like Farming and Staking
  238. MatchPS: Earning our own MPS crypto-tokens through the Ethereum blockchain.
  239. DCTDAO – a Project for Quantum Proof Cross-Chain Interoperability
  240. ESR DApp to launch on High Performance Blockchain (HPB) very soon
  241. Forward finance ⏩ info
  242. WSB (WallStreetBets) Earn free tokens by joining discord
  243. Grand Audiocoin Airdrop on Txbit! 2 Million ADC Airdrop worth $1000
  244. Virtual Phone Number in Binance Smart Chain
  245. Reese Finance: The Next Generation of Yield Farm on Binance Smart Chain
  246. Join for exclusive first rights to fine art
  247. The Qintar DeFi: Next Generation of Islamic Finance
  248. DeroGold: An innovative privacy coin focused on helping save the planet
  249. The Future of Decentralized Finance is here!
  250. Lanceria: First time freelancers blockchain platforms on binance smart chain