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  2. (Airdrop LIVE) - Earthmedz – The route to healthy future!
  3. Suponic - Converting Impossible to Possible!
  4. BolttCoin Making you Healthy, Wealthy and Wise! (Airdrop $50000 worth)
  5. [ANN] [ICO} Orioncoin Stake your Crypto to the Stars!
  6. [ANN][ICO] Mapple Green - The attempt to save environment!
  7. Crypto Potluck Traders Heaven
  8. [ann][intro] 🌐 veiag is the first real hard asset backed token ✅ going live ✅
  9. [AIRDROP] 🚀 💰 $500,000 VEIAG Airdrop 💰 $50 per approved applicant! 🚀
  10. (Airdrop/Bounty) LightBitAtom The Real Decentralized Multi-Crypto Exchange!
  11. [ANN] - First Bitcoin Doubler that really works cryptodoubler.io
  12. [Airdrop] [Mundo Token] The largest Multi-Token Airdrop in history!
  13. [BOUNTY] Crest Token - DigiAd Platform that pays Daily Passive Income
  14. HydroMiner – The FIRST security token within the European Union.
  15. [bounty] 💰 new $3,000,000 veiag bounty program! 💰
  16. Bit-Lead Provides One-On-One Educational Training For Investors
  17. Seed Capitals – The seed of your success
  18. How to invest and reap the different means of making a profit through Arbitao
  19. KevCoin – The World’s FIRST Crypto Feature Film!
  20. FOMO 3D (F3D) – Decentralized and trustless Blockchain game to win BIG!
  21. NetLeaders: The Easiest Way To Financial Freedom!
  22. FOMO3D (F3D) – Decentralized and Trustless Blockchain Game - Big money to win!
  23. Bitaedifex - The simplest formula to earn!
  24. HotMoneyDog – The route to your financial freedom!
  25. [ANN][ICO] TABOOW - ICOSystem Guardian!
  26. GraphenTech welcomes you to the age of graphene bounty
  27. POWH – The beginning of the NEW world!
  28. Gamedex - Digital Collectibles Powered By Blockchain
  29. What The Bitcademy Platform Is All About
  30. HORAEβ€Šβ€” Open A New Era of Token Investment
  31. Liracoin Club - The Future of Cloud Mining!
  32. Splitt - The Home of Cloud Mining!
  33. BIOTOR - Decentralizes Biomass And Makes Biomass 2.0 Transparent
  34. Rhovit - The Design Of The Entertaining Future!
  35. LiquidTrade - CrowdSale And Bounty Offer!
  36. BlockKonnect - The FIRST real Blockchain technology & social networking platform
  37. Press Release: BitRabbit Lists MITH - (5000 MITH Giveaway)
  38. [ANN][ICO] SMASHBOARD - Your digital ally to smash patriarchy!
  39. AA Union Capital Investment Position among Those normal VC Funds
  40. NetCurrencyIndex Worlds FIRST Cryptocurrency Index from all kind of Marketstages
  41. [ANN][ICO] 🔥 🔥 🔥 Bitzon #1 Crypto Marketplace! 🔥 🔥 🔥
  42. dClinic - A comprehensive Healthcare platform powered by Blockchain!
  43. Peach-Tree Invest - The safest investment opportunity!
  44. Level01 - The FUTURE platform for traders of ALL Types!
  45. RimeCoin - Worlds Biggest Data Collection Platform
  46. Winnest - The story of spectacular features!
  47. Fellowhale – The simplest way to make MONEY! (Game based on EOS Blockchain)
  48. 5 Minutes that could redefine your life FOREVER! - Kinesis Monetary System
  49. Alliance Token - A luxurious opportunity of a LIFETIME! Buy 1 Get 1 FREE!
  50. Connecty – The ultimate Solution that lifts all obstacles to innovations
  51. Tyme - The Next Evolution of Point-of-Sale!
  52. ConcertVR – Rewarding Creativity!
  53. BTCMagician: Platform For Wise Crypto Investment
  54. NetCurrencyIndex - Presale for Worlds 1st Index ETF + Coin opens on 26th October
  55. Alliance Token - A luxurious opportunity of a LIFETIME! Buy 1 Get 1 FREE!
  56. Nuls: Providing Multiple Blockchain Solutions
  57. Sell Your Cryptocurrencies On The Pure Investments Platform
  58. Is this the Crypto Trading exchange you wanted?
  59. RAISEX ⭐⭐⭐ The Crypto Exchange ⭐⭐⭐ 10k Satoshi BTC available for FREE on Signup!
  60. Innovative digital piggy-bank simplifying the world of cryptocurrencies
  61. To get millions to join, we are giving away our future currency
  62. Stealth Capital - The next major opportunity in Crypto, Bonds and Properties
  63. Invest in Ocean Cleaning and support the environment by buying the Axio Coin
  64. listing for ICO and pre-ICO projects
  65. News See the Donald List for the latest best information on altcoins
  66. EuroMillions lottery has a mighty est. 9800 BTC €37M jackpot! You have still time to
  67. Launching Ceremony for mit messenger and Boxcorn
  68. Element Zero’s Ambassador Program - Join us and earn $50,000 USD
  69. TakiCoin - offering comprehensive solutions based on blockchain technology
  70. Cointalkr - The Sentiment Master!
  71. XchangeRate Product Launch Announcement
  72. Crypto Venture UpStake is Redefining the Industry with a Proof-of-Burn Stable Coin
  73. American liberty dollar cryptocurrency
  74. Myicopad: Taking Initial Coin Offering to the Next Level
  75. Coinsquare: The Digital Asset Trading Platform with a Difference
  76. Q-Qoin Digital Cryptocurrency and a Blockchain Technology
  77. Silver Stone Crypto Signals(1 Month V.I.P Free Trial! Invite Competition!)
  78. [AIRDROP] PERSONALWAGER.com - The Gaming Revolution $500,000
  79. [ANN][ICO][NCR] Neos VR: The First Metaverse Built From Within
  80. Crypto Monsoon - a viable platform for advertisers!
  81. Cryptocurrency Trading Bot on BitMEX
  82. Beginner's Guide to Bitcoin Trading Bots
  83. CryptoHunters.Club OmnisBit Bounty
  84. Cryptocurrency Trading Bot on BitMEX
  85. Beginner's Guide to Trading Bots and Bitmex Signals
  86. New Airdrop: Coinxes
  87. Beginner's Guide to Bitmex Automated Trading Bots
  88. Liracoin - BIGGEST Cryptocurrency of the future!
  89. Step By Step Guide On How To Purchase Altcoins On Exchanges
  90. Playerbitcoin - Prediction Gaming!
  91. Dauber: Portable On-Chain Bingo For Overcoming Boredom and Earning Money
  92. Guys have you checked it?
  93. SoundMoneyCoin: Secure Store of Value
  94. [ANN][ICO] 🔥🔥🔥 YPTOSpace 🔥🔥🔥 A global ecosystem around Cryptocurrency! Read mor
  95. Chelle Coin: Cryptocurrency Meets Real Estate
  96. FOLEX – The Future of Trading and Gambling with Ease
  97. [ann] the first anti-aging coin in the world
  98. Eden.best token / coin revolutionize raffles with us
  99. CloneStorm Trader - A platform that is different!
  100. [ANN] 🔥 Maya Preferred 223 🔥 (Gold & Silver backed) - Trading LIVE at $2,500!
  101. Bitflow: The Gateway to Financial Freedom
  102. Quanta Networks - Secure Blockchain Compliant Telecom
  103. Virtonomi: Unleashing the power of blockchain technology in advertisement
  104. [ANN][ICO] ✅ Bit-Paradise ✅ Cryptocurrency Meets Casino Game
  105. Teacher Coin – Incentivizing Teachers to Build the Next Generation
  106. Interested in testing non-custodial exchange?
  107. Start earning 200000+ CYFM tokens daily by listening CyberFM
  108. Convert your igicoin into any other cryptocurrency instantly
  109. Maximize Your Return, Start today and change your life over the next 4 years
  110. Lotteree: a new blockchain-based lottery
  111. Eternalcoin Decentralized Network: Platform for Gamers
  112. Hermione: Smart Contracts Powered by Mimblewimble
  113. Facts You Never Knew About Malaysia Flight 370
  114. Cryptocurrency for the World Distributed locally
  115. For just $1200 a month, we will deploy a dedicated marketer to your Project
  116. Convert your igicoin into any other cryptocurrency instantly
  117. Maya Preferred 223 Backs Bitcoin With Gold And Silver
  118. BIUT As A Solution To Bitcoin's Problem
  119. Dexa Coin: Global Money Transfer & Instant Messaging APP
  120. Kite coin new cryptocurrency, money for all. Erc20 token