In recent years, the online gaming industry has witnessed phenomenal growth that is entirely justifiable. The aftermath of the global pandemic has contributed to the increasing infiltration of mobile devices and the internet into our daily lives, as people have spent more time online than ever.

More than 20 billion dollars in revenue has been recorded in only the year 2020. Statistics reported that there are now approximately 1 billion players online across the world. Gigantic figures reflect the massive tolerance of players in spending money on their favorite games. Gaming is and will always be a field to prosper in the future vigorously.

The combination of Blockchain-based games and NFTs has recently been a trend-setter in the game market by literally taking over the traditional rules and changing them for the better by providing all players with a playground without distinction and bringing them possession of their online assets, as well as a source of income that is worthwhile of their time spent on playing.

Despite the upside, the crowded emergence of GameFi titles with similar reward mechanisms is slowly drifting away from the true nature of "play-to-earn." Therefore, ShibaMons - the first and unique Tower Defense GameFi - with its significant modifications, ShibaMons is promised to bring about a never-before gaming experience and shape the definition of Real Play to Earn.

Our Vision

Axie Infinity - one of the leading games in founding the concept of Play-to-earn, has greatly inspired ShibaMons. By initiating the project with our strength in Tower Defense games, ShibaMons Team wishes to demonstrate our vision for GameFi: the mix of entertainment (Game) and an effective and sustainable in-game economy (Fi). By that, all components of the ShibaMons ecosystem (investor, player, developer,...) are rewarded for their contribution and output.


ShibaMons is a Tower Defense NFT game combined with elements of an RPG game. In addition to collecting and trading Hero, Fragment, Characters, Items and Planets, players are also connected to fight in PVE, PVP, GVG modes and receive cryptocurrency rewards and more.

Inspired by the globally renowned Star Wars franchise and built by a team experienced in developing famous idle & strategy game titles with more than 5M downloads on Google Play Store and App Store, ShibaMons opens up a magnificent galactic world where players will embody into Heroes and immerse themselves in fiery battles to defend their fortress from the cosmic invasions and receive valuable rewards in various forms. The game will be initially displayed in 2D and upgraded to 3D graphics in the later months.

Unique Feature

Besides the regular game modes that players have been used to, such as PVP, PV and VG, we are introducing a new game mode: Co-op Battle with up to 5 online players on the same battlefield. This is promised to be an extremely obsessive feature, especially for all die-hard tower defense fans out there. Strategy games tend to have a lot more fun when playing with your fellow comrades.

New Generation of Reward System

After a long period of product development and market observation, ShibaMons has improved its in-game reward system with the "play-to-earn" model combined with applications of NFT and cryptocurrency, aiming for a deflating game flow. Different reward categories will be distributed to players depending on the game mode:

PVE: after completing daily missions and Careers, players will receive NFTs such as Hero Chest, Hero Fragments and equipment as rewards. Each NFT is created with an assigned value and can be valued as a type of asset that can enhance the fighting formation, exchange between players and trade on Marketplace.

PVP: players get a chance to fight against each other for the top positions in the chart to receive various Rare Chests and token. Using only token as reward for top players will help sustain the value of the token and ensure the liquidity that is worthwhile of players' spending.

Lastly, GVG: players enroll in Guilds to fight alongside each other and seize the highest position for their Guild to receive rewards as Rare Chests (NFTs). Players will also receive Skill Points, which can be turned into unique Guild Skills when the capacity is met.


After being officially bought by Binemon - the newborn unicorn in the field of idle GameFi - ShibaMons will also utilize $BIN token for in-game features. This will enable ShibaMons to approach a more extensive audience base and optimize players' revenue when participating in game modes and seizing higher position to receive shared profit sourcing from trading taxes of ShibaMons's partners.

NFT Marketplace

ShibaMons Marketplace allows players to trade obtained NFTs from the game as assets. When combined with the ecosystem of DRK Chain, this will facilitate an abundant source of liquidity to meet players' demands. Trading taxes will be utilized as reward for BIN holders and buy-back, token burn programs.


ShibaMons is confident to be the pioneer in combining the compelling Tower Defense genre with a complete in-game economic model and a consistently expanding metaverse - sẽ được ra mắt vo phase 8. Playing games will never be the same. It is now also a method to earn extra money, socialize with others and engage in social activities along with having fun in general, which most GameFi projects failed to deliver.

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Youtube: ShibaMons - P2E Tower Defense - YouTube