Decentralised social graph where each content is an NFT and each creator profile is a DeFi stake pool

Many have attempted to disrupt tech giants with decentralised social networks. And this year, the context has finally made it possible. In 2021, with the mass adoption of DeFi and NFTs combined with inter-operability and scaling solutions, the Internet is now ready to move from the centralised attention economy to the decentralised creative economy.

Creators and their audiences want to own and govern their content and the platforms on which they run.

DeFi and NFT platforms that are successful today were started already in 2017, and according to multiple experts, the next revolution in Web3.0 will come from decentralized social networks, that provide the benefits of decentralization to solve major problems of social giants.

Newcoin Protocol: a new decentralised social graph to build decentralised social networks on the blockchain

Website: Newcoin — A Peer-to-peer Protocol for Creative Value