The greatest demonstration of humanity is when we help those in need. And of all the needy on our planet, it is hard to disagree the most needy of all are animals which are abandoned or disabledwhat CaliCoin admirably terms, Animals of Determination.

Noting the affinity of cyptocurrency enthusiasts to animal welfare, CaliCoin deftly married both into the concept of a charity token, dedicated to solely helping AODs.


CaliCoin is both a charity token and a donation platform. Noting the rising incidence of scandals and questionable use of donations among charities, CaliCoin starts by performing rigorous due diligence on prospective charity organizations worldwide that cater to AODs.

Once a charity is qualified, it is added to the CaliCoin platform and assigned its own wallet. Prospective donors can then peruse the charities, choose one or more (or all!) for a donation, and purchase and deposit CaliCoins seamlessly into the wallets of their choice. CaliCoin is 100% non-profit and takes no commissions or added fees. The money goes directly to help the animals.

CaliCoin Token Distribution

Here is a breakdown of the 100 Million fixed quantity of CaliCoin Tokens:

40% ICO; Initial Float
20% Early Backers & Investors; Initial Advisors*
15% Team*
10% Member Veterinarians*
10% Reserve
5% Bounty Programs

Recipient charities may use CaliCoin for veterinary services, they may hold CaliCoins for future use, or they may convert into fiat to pay other operating expenses.

CaliCoin is a means to expand the donor base for these very needy charities, and also gives donors peace of mind that their money goes to good use, and that the charities have been properly vetted. It is a win-win-win all the way around. The animals win. The charities win. And the donors win!


CaliCoin is listed dually on ProBit and UniSwap exchanges.

Probit: PROBIT, Professional Digital Currency Exchange

Uniswap: Buy CaliCoin on Uniswap – CaliCoin