Recently Cardano launched its proof of stake mechanism, which was a success. Today, with over 1000 pools for investors to choose from it can be quite confusing to determine where you can delegate and get rewards. Cardano is the 3rd generation blockchain developing a smart contract platform to deliver more advanced features than any previous protocols.

With its ground-breaking proof-of-stake mechanism and peer-reviewed academic research, Cardano achieves scalability, interoperability and sustainability needed for real-world applications. Cardano is designed to be the choice of large-scale, mission-critical Decentralized Applications (DApps) that will underpin the economy of the future.

To participate fully on the Cardano platform, you need the Ada, which is the native token used on the platform. Each Ada held represents a stake in the Cardano network with each token stored in a unique wallet that can be delegated to a stake pool to earn rewards. This means you can participate in the successful running of the network and receive rewards at the same time.


There are two options available to you as an Ada holder. You can run your own stake pool or you can invest with an already existing stake pool.
Operating and running a private stake pool comes at a huge price. For starters, you would need operational knowledge of how to run and maintain a Cardano node, as well as system operator skills, the experience of DevOps and server administration skills. You would also be required to invest a considerable amount of time, money and effort.

Investing with an already existing stake pool removes the need for any technical expertise, as all the hard work has already been done by somebody else allowing you to participate and gain the reward.

Investing in Arthur J. Goldman Stake Pools

Your Ada alone on the Cardano platform wonít generate you enough reward. However, if you decide to stake it in a pool, you can be rewarded financially for your delegation. Delegating your Ada as an Ada holder is all about associating your token to a stake pool, which in turn generates a reward. All you need is to stake your Ada to Arthur J Goldman stake pools to earn real rewards. Your reward or return is based on the amount of stake you delegate to a pool which can typically generate up to 7% in your first year.

When you stake in any of the Arthur J Goldman stake pools, you have complete control over your Ada token since you have 100% ownership of your mnemonic phrases and private keys. This information remains private as long as you donít give it to someone else.

Today, Arthur J Goldman has over 10 stake pools spread across various countries with delegators required to this growing team. The Arthur J Goldman stake pools comprise of a collaboration of active members within the Cardano network, whose goal is to deliver the best quality service to all delegators. The teamís objective is to set up, operate and maintain global enterprise-level pools in Google Cloud across multiple geographical locations.

Get involved today by delegating your Ada token to the Arthur J Goldman Pools of your choice. Let your token get the reward you deserve on the Cardano platform.

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