A long-awaited radical and disruptive innovation in Social entrepreneurship education has arrived. The entry of HeidiCoin onto the Ethereum Blockchain ends the era of destructive Capitalism 1.0 which has put the earth and humankind in harm's way.

A good number of social enterprises are springing up and leveraging blockchain technology to build a profitable and environmentally sustainable business model. Winston Graf AG is injecting a fresh breath into the cryptocurrency ecosystem with the introduction of HeidiCoin. The primary focus is to reinvent the current flawed business educational curriculum and enthrone a new order that empowers the next generation of social entrepreneurs to address the need of society in a socially responsive manner.

Many prominent crypto investors and analysts have labelled HeidiCoin “the currency of Capitalism 2.0”, as HeidiCoin represents a paradigm shift from the typical cryptocoin; it is a cryptocurrency that delivers sustainable social impact by creating an unprecedented sustainable circular economy of new products and services and accelerates their entry to market. HeidiCoin will serve as the exclusive currency of this new economy, with enormous demand potential for the token.

A Cohesive Vision

The vision is to make a positive contribution to society by providing an opportunity to young people whose dream is to access a world-class social entrepreneurship education but who cannot afford it. One way to achieve that is to extricate education from the clutches of capitalism by democratising access to education, offering a Swiss diploma in social entrepreneurship regardless of students' ability to pay or personally attend. Through the new dimension of tokenisation, disadvantaged international students will have the opportunity to be admitted to study at Terra Unum College in Interlaken, Switzerland either online or in person. These students then focus on bringing to market new sustainable products and services to market which incrementally broaden the HeidiCoin circular economy.

HeidiCoin particularly increases the opportunities for women to become social entrepreneurs and deliver amazing new products and services to market so that the planet is healthier and all lives on it thrive.

You can take advantage of the pre-sale of Heidi, which will be open to the public between 15th of July and 31st of August. Heidicoin offers a great Swiss domiciled investment opportunity for the investor looking to invest in profitable and sustainable business ventures and enjoy the safety and stability of Swiss Franc based investing. As this is the limited pre-sale event for HeidiCoin, limited to 100’000 tokens and due to high demand may end earlier than the 31st of August. You are encourage to secure your allotment quickly.

Further information and Pre-sale registration at:

Project: HeidiCoin (token symbol HDI)
Company: Winston Graf AG Switzerland

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