Online travel booking allows consumers and travel agents to book flights, hotels, and holiday packages. An internet booking allows a customer to specify their travel requirements such as city of departure, destination, departure date, return date, and class of travel.

High penetration of internet in developed and developing countries, coupled with increasing preference towards internet for online transaction and other utilities is a major factor expected to drive growth of the global online travel booking market. In addition, digitization approach by the developing countries, increasing tourism activities across the globe, and service providers approach towards streamlining ticket booking process and enhance customer experience through online booking are some other factors expected to support growth of the global market to certain extent.

Travelers within the age group of 22 and 31 years are more inclined towards online travel services, owing to tech savvy and are constantly connected to social media is another factor expected to further support growth of the global market. To benefit from this emerging industry, there is every need for you to pitch your tent with a reliable travel booking agency like TravaCart.

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So Why Should You Consider TravaCart As An Option

1. Affordable Rate: If you take a look at the travel industry, you would be greed with hundreds of travel booking agencies. Still, TravaCart stands tall due to its affordable rates.
2. Blockchain Technology: Unlike most travel booking agencies, TravaCart leverages the power of the blockchain technology to keep its platform safe, secure, and seamless.
3. Instant Transaction: Regardless of the volume of transactions you intend to implement, the TravaCart platform has got your back. All transactions are instant.
4. Token Sale: If you are seeking ways to earn passive income, TravaCart's IEO is scheduled to start on November 15th, 2019. You can take advantage of the token sale to be financially free.

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