The international gaming sector is gaining fast traction and popularity with an upward trend. Console, PC, and mobile games will be worth over 180 billion dollars in 2021. Many players can feel the weight of centralization on their spent time and value acquired in online games. No resell capacities, or only those that go along with risks. Selling items or skins is another nightmare all in itself, when it is even possible in the first place.

How much time, energy and money has most gamers spent to build their virtual assets only to find out it's stuck in databanks? With VR and other innovative technologies entering the gaming market, things may not be as people anticipated. Will the problem game players, fans, and enthusiasts face become resolvable? Is there hope for veteran and newbie players in the gaming industry? This is where Orionix comes into play.

What Is Orionix?

Orionix remains an item exchange and a commission-free game service. ORX token is one of the best in the industry today. With our token program, operational costs are covered, not making you spend an extra dime. We mint our native currency to boost the demand and supply of the ORX token.

We will be providing a total sale of 600,000,000 ORX in three months for investors to purchase. Our sales supply for the ORX tokens is 420,000,000. The Orionix hard & soft caps are 142,800 ETH, and 1,020 ETH respectively. Our team includes Alberto Massoni, Park Hao, Chun Whee, and CEO Frederico Giovanni. Token sales will commence on August 1st of 2019.

The main objective of Orionix is to ensure security, exchange, possibilities and ease of communication amongst gamers & traders. The Orionix platform is free to be used by anyone across the globe without any restrictions. Rather you are looking to widen your range of virtual assets or play games and gain something for your time, ORX is the right place for like-minded visionary mindsets and those who know how to identify real opportunities. Skins, items, accounts, the applications are endless and we will do our utmost to provide them continuously.

How Does Orionix Work?

Orionix is set and ready to solve the issue gamers are experiencing today. We will make use of the item exchange platform solution to help resolve this aging problem for gamers. Our solution will help to revolutionize acquisition and virtual property trading.

With the help of our cryptocurrency called ORX, you will enjoy a plethora of benefits. Our platform will promote open communication, fair trade, and a secure place for gamers. Trading items, accounts, and skins are other unique advantages you get for using Orionix. The simple way of using our service is to invest in ORX tokens by creating an account.

Once users can create a virtual account, then Orionix will lavish you with all its amazing benefits. The total security and protection of your account is a guarantee on Orionix. Enjoy the power of acquisition and virtual property trading only on Orionix.

Orionix The Right Place For Gamers:

Orionix is revolutionary, innovative, secure, transparent, and easy to use. Our simple platform will enable game players to enjoy maximum experience of safety and freedom of use without fees attached. It has always been a difficult task for gamers to market their virtual assets. Our revolutionary service will help you trade your goods by remaining on top of solutions to acquire rights and methods of decentralization in the gaming industry. Orionix's professionals have been doing thorough research and evaluation amongst partners and clear strategies to provide a strong service for our user.

We have spent a lot of resources, human ability, and time weighing on the players' needs. Our attention is focused on the gaming infrastructure and market entry. With our expertise, we now have a system that helps link people like never before, thanks to the era of blockchain. With us, gamers will enjoy playing games while also earning something back in return of invested time. Wherever you might live in the world, Orionix believes in reaching beyond borders to remain closer to the Bitcoin Peer-to-Peer ideal.

Our ORX tokens are tradable for skins, accounts, or items. Do you know that over one hundred and eighty billion dollars are what the gaming sector will worth in 2021? Let Orionix help you harness the freedom of trading your virtual assets with the power of blockchain.

Orionix is the right platform to keep you updated on the revolutionary progress of combining the gaming industry and the crypto era. We are so excited to navigate all the possibilities offered by decentralization in virtual asset trading. Orionix wants to move past this current heist on user-data and deliver a liberation which comes when virtual assets are returned to their owners.

Our platforms structure and architecture are designed to give you total comfort. We have users in mind before operating and will ensure you enjoy the best experience. By investing in our platform, you can begin a journey that we believe to be truly ToTheMoon. What are you still waiting for as a gamer? Join the gaming revolution by investing in ORX (ORIONIX.IO) today. Orionix is part of the future of gaming in the blockchain era.

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