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    Default Quanta Networks - Secure Blockchain Compliant Telecom

    Quanta Networks - Secure Blockchain Compliant Telecom

    Every day, new blockchain applications keep emerging. Many companies have taken the clue to implement blockchain and utilizing the benefits it all bring. The blockchain technology deals with peer-to-peer data connection while providing a decentralized network for everyone to use. Although it started with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, however, industries such as supply chain, insurance, banking, healthcare, and telecommunication can use it to increase their efficiency.

    Nevertheless, Quanta Networks is geared toward challenging the conventional communications architecture in place by introducing a facility free, secure, and tower free telecom based Blockchain ecosystem while sidestepping the insecurity and inefficiencies that exist in the current system.

    How Does Quanta Work?

    Quanta is a new telecom technology, which works like Uber. Quanta is like Uber, which is into the transportation business but does not own a single vehicle. The model of the business is based on enabling and making efficient use of surplus or unused resources. In a similar manner, Quanta create network connections in areas with available bandwidth by improving part of the network traffic. It is redirected in order to improve connectivity and speed while allowing the devices to create a communication network on its own through its own available bandwidth. What this means is that Quanta is creating a better network whereby users do not have to buy any bandwidth like what Uber is doing.

    The aim of the platform is to build a decentralized telecommunication ecosystem. The platform will change and disrupt the telecommunication industry by enabling network users to have a peer-to-peer connection. This allows a more secure, faster, and affordable means of communication between human and machine.

    Features of Quanta Network

    The Quanta Network has amazing features, which include:

    • Compatibility – The network is fully interoperable and compatible with legacy communication technologies. Remarkably, the network has the capability of integrating seamlessly with specialized networking applications including future networking technologies.
    • Secure – Quanta manages the path of the network both asymmetrically and dynamically. By simultaneously controlling outbound and inbound routes, it creates “cloaked” layers of communication within the Quanta network. This makes it impossible to locate, it renders data invisible, it renders critical assets invisible and resistant to packet sniffers.
    • Decentralized – The data in the Quanta Networks is not controlled by a single entity and impossible for anyone to manipulate to their favor. Interestingly, the Quanta Blockchain network provides all transactions and information stored in the blockchain, which is hosted by individual nodes.
    • Affordable – Although people are willing to pay more as it concerns their security, this shouldn’t have to be as Quanta Networks is optimizing underused bandwidth without purchasing bandwidth.

    Quanta Network - You Are the Network

    Quanta Network believes irrespective of who you are and your position, you should have affordable connectivity with security, privacy, and right to access the kind of information you need to conduct your daily life. For Quanta Networks, the world is like a connected place where everyone is connected, contributes, and plays a vital role in making the world a better, safer, and efficient place for everyone to live peacefully.

    The vision of the platform is to revolutionize the telecommunication industry by building the first completed decentralized blockchain compliant communication system, which allows both users and systems to connect peer-to-peer. The Quanta Network has over 5 billion mobile users worldwide with over 1000 mobile operators

    Quanta Token Details:

    The sale of the Quanta Networks (QN) token is scheduled to start from October 15, 2019, with a limited number of 2,000,000,000 USD to be sold during the ICO. The sales of the token will end by September 19, 2019. The token is built on the standard ERC-20 Ethereum blockchain and is not minable. During the sales, 1QN will be equivalent to 0.7USD. The Quanta Network ICO distribution is as follows:

    • ICO / Quanta Project = 67%
    • Team & Advisors = 15%
    • Marketing = 13%
    • Other Expenses = 5%

    During this period, there will be special bonuses for large buyers of the QN token. There won’t be a bonus for those who bought between 1 to 3 ETH. However, those who purchase between 4 to 9 ETH stand to get a 15% bonus. Finally, those who buy above 10ETH gets a whopping 25% bonus as part of its incentive to attract buyers. *QN tokens will be credited to the ETH address of the buyer.

    For any further information check below:

    Official Website: Quanta Networks | Revolutionary Blockchain Based Telecommunication Network

    Whitepaper: https://quantanetworks.io/wp-content...WhitePaper.pdf
    Onepager: https://quantanetworks.io/wp-content.../One_Pager.pdf

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/QuantaNetworks/
    Telegram: https://t.me/quanta_networks
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/quanta_networks
    Github: https://github.com/quantanetworks/quanta-networks

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