CryptoHunters.Club Project officially publishes the first bounty.Total Pool:

💶2.000.000 OMNIS (400.000 €) 💶

❓What is project?

It's a blockchain-based project, OmnisBit is the token that brings everyone closer to the cryptocurrencies's world with its services in a safe and easy way.

Above all it garantees real earnings!

Save your time, Earn for real.

Take part to our innovation now:



Do you want to get more?

Enter your friends on the telegram group and enter their usernames in the second section of this form,

spread and invite new users through your referral link that you find once you have access to your personal area, also in our group of Telegram there are daily new tasks, quizzes and jobs to be done in exchange for tokens.

-Website: CryptoHunters.Club

-Telegram: Telegram: Contact @OmnisBitOfficial

If you find any problem or you need assistance contact us on telegram.

OmnisBit reserves the final decision for each individual distribution of the bounty.

In order to avoid cheating, all the forms will be verified by OmnisBit team, cheaters will be permanently banned from both the site and the telegram group, without any warning.


Bounty form: OmnisBit Bounty :moneybag:oint_left: