ConvertVR ICO begins from Monday (15th October, 2018), it lasts for 7 DAYS! Each day there will be 666,000 concertVR Token distributed with a Bonus of 50%. The distribution will start at 12 pm German time each day! So, don't miss it!

Any country or society that wishes to progress and have a sustained growth must never neglect its youths. The youth remains the pivot of any society and everything possible should be done to keep them focused and productive. A country with a focused youth is comparable to a country with a bright future. However, raising focused and productive youths does not happen by accident but takes a deliberate effort.

There are several ways to keep the youths from being distracted. One of such ways is through the power of music. That is what ConcertVR seeks to achieve! ConcertVR - The first blockchain based cross-platform marketplace for high-quality VR content from the music and entertainment sector, their aim is to get the youth actively involved and do so in an interesting way. But why are they laying their emphasis on the youths?

Youths are highly active and can easily be distracted if there is nothing to keep them engaged. But with ConcertVR, the youths can now be brought closer to what appeals to them – music. How do they help the youths?

• They enable users to enjoy real concerts in Virtual Reality. With your time of choice, this can be made available on demand or in realtime.
• Youths can enjoy the contents across any platform after it is purchased. You can enjoy it on VR glasses, Smartphone, SmartTV or browser.
• Discover your choice artists and acts by searching through the various categories
• You also have to decide the camera perspective from which to enjoy the concert.
• Inform your friends via the social media about the concert you are watching.
• Directly invite your friends while the concert is ongoing and also chat with them.

ConcertVR ensures that creativity is handsomely rewarded. Letting the youths know how much their creative ability is valued makes them willing to devote their precious time to creating things that add value to society. As an artist, it is easy to make money on the ConcertVR platform and improve one’s financial strength. On the platform, artists are able to do the following:

• Put their VR content in the marketplace and personally retain their copyright. ConcertVR does not share or take over your copyright.
• Sell VR live tickets, individual songs or recorded concerts
• Sell an unlimited number of tickets without experiencing a live concert sell out.
• ConcertVR helps artists provide an analysis tool
• ConcertVR offers both recording of live concerts and live streaming on the artist’s behalf.
• As much as possible, they help provide adjustment of prices and descriptions of content that are never interrupted.

Youths are easily distracted or discouraged when there is nothing to keep them busy. Besides, they also get attracted into crimes and other vices. Their high level of energy needs to be channeled into something meaningful and more rewarding.

With ConcertVR, youthful talents are no longer wasted but guided in the right direction and rewarded handsomely. This concrete means of reward reassures the youth and addresses the issue of compensation for their creativity thereby getting the vast majority of them off crime and boredom.