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Thread: [ANN][ICO] SMASHBOARD - Your digital ally to smash patriarchy!

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    Default [ANN][ICO] SMASHBOARD - Your digital ally to smash patriarchy!

    [ANN][ICO] SMASHBOARD - Your digital ally to smash patriarchy!

    SMASHBOARD is an app, web platform or an alternative social network that brings people who want to fight patriarchy together. As a “digital ally”, Smashboard uses technology to simplify the work of those who want to take action against sexist and sexual violence. It is a safe space for people and professionals to interact in hubs to seek or offer support.

    Smashboard is an inclusive, sustainable ecosystem that brings together a global community to generate awareness and to provide a mutualisation of risks arising from patriarchal violence.

    Smashboard is a women-led project for people of all genders. It is raising funds through an Initial Coin Offering (ICO)



    Staying informed about what’s happening in the world through a feminist perspective is empowering and liberating. Smashboard will bring a feed of news and analysis to its users everyday.


    Users can submit questions and provide answers in this space. Smash-Q is a space for free-flowing conversation, debate and knowledge sharing.


    S-map will serve as a travel companion and mapping service for those looking for good feminist vibes wherever they go.


    Users are able to keep their identities, conversations, and info-exchange safe. Smashboard uses Taboow’s blockchain certification system (BCA) for user verifications.


    Collection of material that can serve as time-stamped evidence in an encrypted personal space. Users can keep the material for personal references, and/or share it with others if the need arises.


    A space to initiate a conversation to see if users and lawyers are the right match.


    Easy access to journalists.


    Online psychological support for users without easy access to it in their neighbourhoods.


    The risk of patriarchal violence is mutualised with the Smashboard community. Insurance for times of crisis would be provided to subscribers.

    Check out the official SMASHBOARD video here


    SMASH token is the global currency to fight patriarchy.


    The total number of SMASH tokens will be the sum of Tokens created during pre-sale:

    + Number of tokens created during ICO

    + 5.000.000 SMASH

    Token price: 1 SMASH = 0.01 ETH*

    *also payable with bank transfer or credit card


    Up to 25% - During ICO & Pre-sale with (O.T.C contracts: cf. Terms & Conditions).

    20%- Pre-sale 21st July onwards.

    15%- 21st August onwards.

    10%- 21st September onwards.

    5%- 21st October onwards.

    0%- 21st November until ICO ends 21st December 2018 (23h22m GMT).



    Smashboard aims at building capability and resilience by working in an open and growing consortium of strong partners.

    Taboow is a platform based on blockchain technology. It promotes trust and security in the revolutionary yet unprotected and unregulated cryptocurrency markets.

    BlockRoot includes a software combination whose core is based in blockchain technology to encrypt, certify and manage internal business information through its platform.

    Lawcom Codex endorses ethical finance and designs strategies, services and applications in the fields of cryptocurrencies, blockchain and Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs). It offers fintech services between companies and public administrations.

    Lescovex was created with the aim of establishing a more just, free and secure financial and commodities market. The platform offers simple and intuitive environments to avoid distortion by a long chain of intermediaries.
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