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Thread: Benefits Of The PinkDate Platform For Escort

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    Default Benefits Of The PinkDate Platform For Escort

    Benefits Of The PinkDate Platform For Escort
    Wondering what you stand to benefit as an escort? Then you are at the right place. Pinkdate is a blockchain-based escorting platform that seeks to combine payment, screening, and booking in a single platform. In addition, PinkDate shares its profits with its ICO investors every 3 months via payment of dividends.

    Escort benefits are; a single platform that integrates client screening, booking, payment, and advertising, reduce cost of customer acquisition, and reduce time required to screen clients by 70%.

    Other benefits are increased visibility to clients due to their large advertising budget and reach across many online and offline platforms, booking fees of only 20% on PinkDate versus 40% with typical agencies, and ability to accept payments in cryptocurrency.

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