We offer the Manage Account Programme (Funds Management) Forex with an estimated profit of 10% -30% per month which is very appropriate for those of you who want a passive income investment returns higher than deposit rates or do not have time in the trade itself. Here we only offer our system to investors, we can not promise big profits, and we also can not be sure will always be profit, and we also will not be liable for any losses on our trading by comparing the system. here we just make the best of the experience we've gained from this forex market.

As an Investor of course, you would think would be the risk, so it is with us, we start by using investor funds trading robot EXPERT ADVISOR or martingale-based system we've combined the indicator system and risk management we have ever run in manual trading. There is no single person who can ensure we will always succeed in the forex market. Before you decide to join or not, you can see the report through our trading account myfxbook.

Terms and Conditions Managed Account Program:
1. Managed Account program minimum deposit is $ 5000 for the account FXPRIMUS and $ 1000 for the account IKOFX .
Is the minimum contract period is 5 months from the date of a month. The estimated profit of about 10% -30% per month.
2. Manage Account we are sharing profit to deposit $ 5000 into the 15:85 (15% to 85% for traders and investors) of the profit, for under $ 5000 deposit profit sharing 30:70 (30% to 70% for traders and investors) of profit, should be noted here that we will provide free trial service did not pay a dime for 3 months or we will not ask for profit sharing to the investor before the investor funds the BEP, but if investors dismiss this agreement before the contract runs out / do not continue the partnership profit sharing 15 : 85 or 30:70 will apply each month. In this case, investors are expected to immediately transfer 15% or 30% of the profit to our bank account. (The number of transfer will be notified to investors by the end of the period via email).
3. Three to five days before the contract expires, the investor shall notify the contract will proceed to the next month or quit. If no notice of us consider to continue the contract to the next month.
Registration is required account in the MetaTrader platform type "Mini Account" to IKOFX and "Standard" to FXPRIMUS with registration via website forex-investindo.com .
4. Forex is high risk high return investment. Therefore, the investor is deemed to have understood the risks and bear any losses that might occur by following the managed account program. We are not responsible for any damages either by comparing the trading or force majeure. Our team will somehow avoid the loss to a minimum.
5. In the event of natural disasters, war, or a problem in the forex firms are beyond the control of Us (force majeure), the risk is borne by investors.


We CAN NOT withdraw funds for any reason due Trading Account account password provided to us may only be used for trading, in other words, can not be used to withdraw funds. Only the investors themselves who have the right to withdrawal. In addition, Trading Account to be used will be made by the investors themselves, on behalf of the investors themselves, and the deposit is made to the forex companies we recommend. This is to give a sense of security to investors and avoid things that are not desired by both parties.


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